Haiti Coronavirus Update

Dear friends and prayer warriors,

Here is an urgent update from Pastor Predestin in Haiti. He is the national representative for On Target Ministry and the Haiti Bible Institute. He wrote the following yesterday:

What we did not wish to happen has happened in Haiti. Haitian authorities have just confirmed with the press that two cases of Coronavirus have been discovered in Haiti. This contamination comes from a Frenchman and a Belgium man. We do not know currently how many people these two people have already infected. One of them is a Pastor who has a lot of activities in Haiti especially in the north of the country. Faced with this pandemic, the Haitian authorities have taken the decision from this evening that: Ports, Airports, Schools, Churches, Industries, Factories, etc. are closed until further notice. Only humanitarian planes will be able to come in Haiti. The number of people who can gather will be 10. The situation is truly catastrophic. Knowing Haiti with all its problems, a spread of this virus will do great damage. Anyway, we fix our eyes on the Lord because we know that he is in control of everything. He is the Master of the whole universe and the creator of everything. Do not forget the children of the orphanage: My father’s House in your prayers.

This message calls us to prayer. As believers, we trust in the sovereignty of our gracious and loving God and pray that He will glorify Himself even in the midst of this international crisis. Please pray that God will protect our pastors and their churches in Haiti. Even though this virus has infected many in the world, God is still in sovereign control of all of the world!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Grace and peace,
Doc and Anna